Thursday, 30 October 2008

Blog of the Day - My Speech

In behalf of me, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to accept this wonderful award

Blog Awards Winner
oct. 30, 2008

It truly changes me as a blogger, now i know that i have the potential to be the next Shakespeare, Helen Keller and even J.K. Rollins.

To all the judges of this very reputable award giving body, Thank you very much for accepting my own nomination, now I really believe that no one knows ourselves better except us. (teary eye). In my country, my God, they do not bother to recognize my skill, i know because they are afraid... really afraid that I will be famous. bwahahahaah!

By the way highway, Aside from writing I am also good in singing and dancing so watch out American Idol judges, I'm sure you'l give me the yellow pass saying I'm going to hollywood!

I will prove to all of you that I have more talent than Jasmine Trias.

but infairness. she's great in this performance:

Its my time to shine!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Philippine Election Fever - Start of my Campaign

Oh well, another thought again. I am proposing to the National Telecommunication Commission to cooperate on the National Election on 2010. As I said, I am serious in this historic event - I want to win. I already gained support from my relatives all over the Philippines including all my kababayans and their kachokaran outside the country. I do not believe in the government plan of computerizing the election - I'm sure they will manipulate it. To have a fair election and fair canvassing is to make the election via texting. Yes, text vote. I guess this is safer. Just key in Pres JOSIE to 2211 and send it to Globe, Smart and Suncell. All votes will instantly gathered and viewed via Kapuso and Kapamilya channel - SGV must also validate the result including DTI. To encourage people to vote, they will be a raffle. Those who will be picked will have a chance to win the following :

10 winners of waived BIR contribution for the year 2010
5 winners of lifetime free communication (text, call and internet) in any telecom provider
3 winners of New House and Lot courtesy of Pag-Ibig Housing
2 winners of Government Position of their choice except the President and Vice President Position
the Grand Prize winner will be the Vice President of this country (efforthles!)

registration of name and address is required. Digital signature will be made. Sending of more than one vote will subject to criminal offense and will be jailed- equivalent to years of stay in Muntinlupa.

Each vote costs P2.50. The amount that will be gathered will be used initialy for victory party. This is to avoid using public fund in the election. Certain amount (.50) will be donated by the Grand Prize winner to his favorite charitable institution.

Again, please remember my code
PRES JOSIE and send to 2211

Thank you very much.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Live - Camera, Action!

I like watching local tv shows. It gives me full entertainment. here are some of the clippings. watching these videos will make you appreciate your country. I really love live shows! If i am to have my own award giving program, I'll award the following. Heres my blog live awards!
role VTR please..


Best New Presenter
Michael Fatfatin

Best News Report
Boy Genius

Best Performance by an Artist

Best answer in a pageant

The original best answer in a pageant

Best Kissing Scene (hitad!)
the dyosa and the mulawin - wattapack!

Fighter of the year Taray Ever!

Best Smile!

Loyal Contestant Award!

Best in Brainwashing

Best comedian

Did you enjoy it?
watch out for more soon....

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Campaign Donations

My wallet is now open for donations. I am running this 2010 election. No I am not comelec to run the election, what I am saying is that I am planning to run this election. You know run? Not Forrest Gump way of advocacy neither the running priest. I want to run and be the president of this country. But please don’t let GMA run again this 2010. She’s undefeatable. All the opponents and oppositions are now dead if not sick. Is she a cursed or she curse? What a power (grabber)! Look what happened to Roco, FPJ, Cardinal Sin and Cory (seriously, I love this woman, let’s pray for her).

If I become a president, I will have a completely different system.

First I will change the name of this country.

Philippines is a colonial name from Spanish King.

I’m considering the following:

1. PulangLupa : redsoil, a land of brave / courageous people. Land fertiled with blood.

2. Barangay : it symbolizes our first government system.

3. Maharlika : nice name with asian root but a bit elitist.

4. Silahisan : a land blessed by the radiance of the sun. Also a country full of bisexuals.

What name do you suggest?

more changes will come...

Monday, 20 October 2008

Inglish Idol

My gosh, i love this girl. She speaks like a bird! She speaks Inglish well. Look at her, she sings well and she talks well. I thought she's aiza seguerra but she's not, she's lea! I love Lea! and who is that guy, what is his name? Dick, eeeww, anyways, he looks like one. Is he the Petrang Kabayo? in fairness, he's funny without trying to be funny.

Very nice interview isn't day? Very profound discussion, Mr. Dick is a good interviewer; from International career, Profeysionalism to feytriotism on loving Tagalog, Filipino Films to love life, to national election and loving Americans... whew! Da Best!

and look at this guy, is he the new national hero replacing my lolo?

what an inglish accent! I got hungrous!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Going Davao not easy

I love to travel. I saved money and went to city in the land down under - Davao. With enough money, i know I can live abundantly for 1o days. I enjoy the city, especially the SM Mall. I went home in my luxurious hotel but before i sleep i feel that my head is aching. Its different, its like the whole world is rotating so fast. I went out, called a cab and immediately went to mercury drug and ask for a medicine. I thought i'm gonna die, i asked for alaxan, i thought the sales lady did not hear me, I asked again, may alaxan kayo? she looked at me from chest to head (chest onli because of the cabinet stand) No Tagalog please, Inglish Onli!. My Gosh! I swear, Im gonna die!